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New Practice Members at Pacific North Chiropractic

Welcome to Pacific North Chiropractic! We’ll greet you with a smile and do everything we can to ensure you’re comfortable in our office. Registration forms can be filled out in advance or in the office. Our onboarding process is two visits; please allow 30-45 minutes for the first visit.

The Initial Consultation

After all paperwork is completed, our CA will bring you back to the consultation room to watch a short, 3-5 minute video before Dr. Moussa comes in. He will discuss your problems, history, and answer any questions you might have.

If you wish to move forward with care, Dr. Moussa will bring you to the exam room. He will do an in-depth physical exam and any other testing before completing your CLA scans. X-rays will be taken at the discretion of the doctor.

You’ll then return to the front desk to complete any business and make an appointment to return the next day for your results.

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When You Return

The second visit is the report of findings. You will receive a folder with all the information Dr. Moussa has compiled for your care plan. He will review the results of your tests, talk to you about what’s going on, how the care plan will address your issues, how long it will take, and how much it’s going to cost.

He’ll also go over the payment options before heading to the treatment room for your first adjustment. Dr. Moussa is committed to ensuring our practice is affordable, so everyone can get the care they need.

Financial Responsibility

We are a cash-only practice, however we will provide a Superbill for insurance purposes, if you request one.

Major credit cards are accepted; family plans available.

Get Started Today

Contact our office today and book your first appointment. Take advantage of our new practice member special. Call (425) 679-6048 to get started.


New Practice Members at Pacific North Chiropractic | (425) 679-6048