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Chiropractic Care

Health is not merely the absence of symptoms, but also the ability to adapt to one’s life and surroundings. Life, the ability to heal and function, flows through the spine as part of your powerful nervous system.

Why Do I Need Chiropractic Care?

Woman side adjustmentChiropractic is designed around maintaining a healthy nervous system. Proper alignment is necessary for your body to function the way it should. If misaligned, your spine cannot move the way it’s supposed to, causing pain and discomfort.

Dr. Moussa identifies joint misalignments, or subluxations, specifically in the spine. We assess for areas of stress or interference and how the joint moves, with manual palpation, X-rays, and CLA INSiGHT™ scans.

X-rays are completed at the discretion of the doctor, after discussing the best options for care. X-rays enable our chiropractor to visualize the entire structure of the spine, giving us concise information, and allowing us to provide the best care possible.

Once he finds the problem area, Dr. Moussa uses hands-on techniques, such as Gonstead and Thompson Drop Table, to adjust the spine back to its proper position, restoring proper nerve flow and function.

Chiropractic provides the tools to determine what’s wrong, how to correct it, and how to keep it from happening again.

Restoring Balance With Whole Family Care

The goal of whole family care at Pacific North Chiropractic is to ensure and support a family’s health to be the fullest expression of what’s possible. Over time, practice members who get checked regularly see improvement in many areas. These may include an improved immune system, increased brain cognition, higher levels of energy, and an overall better life.

Symptoms may decrease, but life still has stressors that cause subluxation. Generally speaking, chiropractic adds to one’s life; it doesn’t subtract. Living life clear, fully functioning, and connected to the best version of one’s self strengthens family relationships and community ties. Healthy families are happier families.

Other conditions we have found solutions for include

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